About us

Tony Read and his business partner Graham Styles formed Lion Finance in 1979.
They were both employed by Lloyd's and Scottish Finance Ltd as Asset Finance Managers, Tony running the Chiswick office and Graham at Kingston.

Slater Walker Finance Ltd was formed, Tony and Graham joined the new face of finance in the City of London, Tony manager at Pall Mall and Graham in West London.

After three great years in the employment of Slater Walker Finance Ltd, the company was sold off to an American conglomerate.

Lion Finance was born.

The Lion Finance team has survived three recessions, continuing to help business customers throughout that time and has now finally located itself near Esher, Surrey.

Tony is the only surviving founder, with the business focusing on the commercial property funding market, offering loans from £100,000 to £10,000,000.

Our philosophy is simple, we help all businesses where we can, we support new and existing clients to ensure that they achieve their objectives and if for any reason we face an obstacle, we will always find a friend that can assist.


Services Include: