Bridging Finance


A way of raising funds on a short terms basis, can be secured against Residential and Commercial property (1st & 2nd charge) or in certain instances against valuables, works of art, jewellery, vintage cars.
• 1st charge against residential property (if not main residence)
• 2nd charge against residential property
• 1st and 2nd charge against Commercial property
• Maximum advance 75% loan to value
• Term 1 months to 18 months
• Advance from £27,500 to £10,000,000.
• Both open and closed end bridges
• Auction purchases.
• Funding for most purposes. Purchase of land, heavy and light refurbishment of existing property.
• Interest and fees deducted at source, client will pay for valuation, legals and fees.
• Rates from 1.05% per month.


No upfront fees, No valuation fees, No exit fees only legal fees. The rate 3% per month, payable monthly in arrears.
Therefore for a 2-3 month facility can be more cost effective than other bridging lenders.
• Swift completion.


• Available for specific projects.
• Terms can be discussed, please call for a quote.