Expatriate Property Funding


We have access to a specialist lender that has a mandate to lend to UK nationals residing outside the UK, providing they have relevant satisfactory UK financial track record and other UK property assets.

This facility is subject to the following:

  1. UK Bank Account

  2. A minimum of two UK investment properties with at least one mortgage having been maintained for the last 12 months. (As we are unable to undertake meaningful credit search, this mortgage history enables the lender to review the client’s track record on a similar commitment. Properties are typically managed on behalf of the client by letting agents.

  3. Independent personal income to support the clients other financial commitments and evidence of this.

  4. A strong financial position showing that the client is able to withstand interest rate rises of tenancy voids.

Happy to consider applications from experience investors for purchases and debt for debt refinances, however unencumbered capital raising applications are not considered.

Will lend on standard terms up to 75% loan to value.

The lender will always try to be flexible to get the deal done – for example where the client shows good net worth but has limited mortgage or credit history, a pragmatic approach will be taken providing that there is some credit footprint available. EXAMPLES OF EXPATRIATES THAT HAVE BEEN LENT TO.

• Experienced investor living in the USA looking to refinance a pair of retail units
• Purchase of residential property to add to a portfolio of properties that they already
   have in the UK already. The client lives in Japan
• Client living in Qatar with an existing UK portfolio looking to buy on Central London
• Refinance of a residential property to capital raise and release funds to purchase
   another investment property. Client is based in Hong Kong.