Peer to Peer Asset and Property Finance

There are three component parts to a Peer to Peer Lender

1. The Investor. (can invest from £10,000 and upward)
2. The Control Centre. ( they hold the investment, they underwrite the client, they
     inform the investor of the potential new business, the investor confirms a
     percentage of the risk that he/she wishes to take, and once they have a 100% take
     up they lend)
3. The Borrower. (sends a full financial proposal to The Control Centre and waits for
 the take up)

This form of lending has become relevant, some banks as we know are not lending, the Peer to Peer business will provide a better return to the investor than he is enjoying from his existing investments, plus there is the excitement of seeing where his money has been invested.

Originally the funds were being lent to Businesses for the purchase of business assets, cars, plant, equipment and so on, however as the market has expanded, and specialist Peer to Peer lenders have now entered the property market, and will lend against buy to lets and private residences.

A number are also offering unsecured business loans to businesses that have a minimum turnover of £100,000 advancing from £25,000 to £1,000,000.

We have business relationships with
• Relendex
• PDF Match
• The Funding Circle
• Funding Knight
• CrowdBnk
• ReBuilding Society

All of our Peer to Peer lenders are happy to talk to you about the investment potential please call me Tony Read on 07970-923325 and I would be happy to introduce them to you.